the Tejas Baseball club is a select organization located in Round Rock, Texas. We take pride in utilizing the skillsets of former mlb, milb and collegiate players and coaches. Our goal is to begin developing the complete baseball player and prepare them for the high school and collegiate levels. Our staff is dedicated to administrative organization, clear communication, and professionalism. Tejas Baseball is not just another travel team.

Youth baseball has taken an extremely complex and competitive "win-at-all-cost" turn in recent years leading to burned out and permanently injured youth. We believe that mentally and physically healthy players are key to a successful program. Tejas Baseball is dedicated to protecting our future players by supporting them both on and off the field. Our lessons, practices, and games are designed to empower determined young players with good character, respect for baseball and life.

Tejas Baseball subscribes to the Driveline Baseball philosophy of “building athletes through long term development, install good habits for warm-up and recovery, and keep things fun.”

As a player, you will be part of a program that relies on the experience of old school coaching and the latest in training technology. together, we'll all work diligently to develop your abilities to their maximum potential. We believe that every player with the desire to play be afforded the opportunity.